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  1. B

    I don't want to know how to connect wifi but does the 50 inch smart tv magnavox have bluetooth feature?

    Just wanting to know if it has bluetooth feature..I've tried researching but no just verifying.
  2. R

    How do I connect a Magnavox CDC 745 compact disc carousel changer to a Vizio TV model D32hn-DO

    How to connect an old Magnavox five disc changer to a new Vizio TV
  3. D

    Help cant get tv to go to color!

    Connected dvd to magnavox flat and i out the yellow cord in the green inlet. I checked everything on tv to get to color but nothing. Should I buy the blue green red cords to fix?
  4. J

    Hook Fisher rs-717 stereo to Magnavox LCD tv. There is no yellow or aux to this stereo

    Question for the community.
  5. B

    How to hook up my iPhone 4s to Magnavox Blu-ray

    I am trying to hook up my phone to my Blu-ray to go to an older TV so I can watch my DIRECTV account can this be done
  6. G

    When I connect everything it comes on great then nothing I have xp an old lap top but it works for what I need then it says n

    I have a magnavox tv it says I can connect a computer so I did when it first came on it was great I saw my logo on tv but bam. It went off says not available what can I di
  7. B

    Old Digital Surround to New Samsung Plasma

    Need anyone to help...Please. Magnavox Digital Surround System MRD200/37S Product# KQ000221008307 connect to Samsung Plasma PN60E530A3FXZA TS02 Would I just need a DAC? Or is this a doomed lost cause?
  8. D

    My led Magnavox tv volume will not go down

    My volume is stuck on 100 and will not turn down
  9. B

    I need help connecting old surround sound system to hdtv

    I got a new 50" Magnavox LED TV (Model No.50m314x/f7), I also have a old Durabrand home theater system that I have used for along time that just uses RCA's(no Optical plug in). My question is how do I get the surround system to work with the TV? Idk if the RCA'S are broken or if there's a...
  10. W

    Connect old pioneer to a magnavox tv

    I have an old pioneer vsx-305 surround sound that I want hooked up to my magnavox tv. But I can't figure it out. My tv only has a digital audio out(coaxial) and my surround sound uses Rca plugs.
  11. R

    how can i hook it up to my new samsung smart tv

    i have a magnavox DV220MW9 dvd/vcr player and i like to know how can i hook it up to my new samsung smart tv
  12. K

    Magnavox MDR513H/F7 with Cox mini digital box

    I installed the Cox mini digital box a couple of weeks ago as part of their all digital conversion. I have been trying off an on every since to connect my Magnavox DVR without any success. I am pretty sure I have it connected correctly as I am able to connect a Sony DVD?VHS combo and it works...
  13. M

    recording to a Magnavox DVR using a Cox mini box

    In my home office I have a single coaxial cable coming directly out of the wall. I put a splitter on the cable so that my laptop and my TV both get cable service. I have a Magnavox DVR hooked up to my TV so that I can record a program that airs at the same time I’m watching a different channel...
  14. M

    how do I connect a lg LAS350B to a magnavox 55ME314v/f7

    help me! is there a converter cord for this?
  15. N

    How to connect hdtv to Directv and Dvd/Vcr combo

    I have a Vizio E32h-C1 hdtv , a Directv box d12-500 and a Magnavox dvd/vcr combo mwr20v6. I have no clue how to connect them or what I need. The only connections I have are: 2 coax; 1 red, yellow, white cord and a 3 way line splitter. Note: When having tried myself the tv would turn on but...
  16. B

    I bought a sunbeam, Bluetooth usb sound bar, I plugged the red and white wires into the directv box and the soundbar, but the

    Sunbeam soundbar to magnavox tv with directv. Need remote to work soundbar.
  17. N

    magnavox tv + cable box + jvc dvd/vcr

    I have a magnavox tv single output for antenna, cable box hd, rf connector, and jvc dvd/ recorder. I recently upgraded to hd cable box because old box was dropping channels and pixilated. Now can't access any menus on jvc dr-mvi150b recorder. Worked before changed cable box. Any suggestions...
  18. K

    I got a 19"Phillips Magnavox tv with no jacks out put I want to hook a game to it

    How to hook a game to my tv with no out put
  19. M

    I can't get video only audio on my DVD player and old tv with converter box.

    I have an old Magnavox tv with Zenith converter box and a Magnavox DVD player but no remotes for the tv or DVD player. The audio works but not the video.
  20. W

    how to connect Magnavox dvd recorder to smart tv and cable, won't record anything??

    I have connected my dvd recorder with Hemingway to smart tv, and cable box. Cable works, smart tv works, dvd player works, but dvd recorders nothing.
  21. H

    Chromebook HDMI connection to magnavox tv

    I have been trying to connect my acer chromebook to a magnavox tv and it has not been working. I have connected this chrombook to my other tv using the same chord and it has worked. What other things could I try?
  22. W

    can't get sound to all opponets

    I have magnavox smart tv with HDMI/ ARC connections. My LG dvd surround has only 1 hdmi out how do I get sound to cable and tv?
  23. P

    How to record streaming video with a Magnavox dvd/vhs

    I am trying to figure out how to record streaming video from my Vizio internet ready tv onto my Magnavox dual DVD/VHS recorder. The Magnavox is hooked to the tv through a side HDMI port. It is supposed to be able to record, but nothing we have tried works.
  24. K

    what is the usb port for on magnavox blu ray player

    Theres this usb port on my small magnavox blueray player can i connect my phone charger usb into bluray usb nd watch whats on my fone screen on tv
  25. D

    Trying to connect a sound bar to a magnavox tv

    Connecting a sound bar to magnavox tv. Still getting sound from tv. Cannot find a way to turn off internal speakers. Help!
  26. M

    Magnavox tv has loud static

    After a loud clap of thunder my magnavox tv with built in dvd and vcr developed static sound when watching tv. The sound is fine when watching dvd. I have a new cable converter box so that's not the problem I don't think. What could have happened?
  27. TommyGar

    New Flat Screen TV, old HD receiver.

    How do you connect an old HDTV receiver to a new flat screen TV? The receiver has two female coaxial connections for the rabbit ears and out-to-TV. And the AV "Yellow-White-Red" connections. My new TV has the 5x (Green-Blue-Red Video + Red-White Audio) Component connections and one Coax...
  28. R

    My television wont turn on!!

    I have a 30in. flat screen that wont turn on. The brand is Magnavox. Model 32MF23ID/37. Please help!!
  29. D

    semi automatic turntable wont spin

    i cant get my 1988 magnavox as305 semi automatic turntable to spin
  30. M

    Magnavox has a black screen & buzzes - HELP

    My old Magnavox Model# 25TSC6 0101 has a black screen & buzzes (is volume controllable). (SN: 39890674, Purchase Date: 11/13/94) I have it plugged into a surge protector, but we've had a LOT of storms this year. I've heard they can only take so many hits B-4 they no longer work. This did not...