Solved! Connecting old recorder to tv


Nov 5, 2017
I have a Toshiba dvr620 that is not showing up on my Magnavox TV. I need the setup menu so I can record a VHS tape to a DVD and set up the dubbing. There is a router but no cable box.


Nov 5, 2017
Question from connief3 : "Help! My TV will not display the setup menu for my Toshiba DVR 620, so I cannot finalize a disc I just made."

How can I get the menu for my Toshiba 620 recorder to show up on my Magnavox TV? It’s all hooked up with the tv and modem (or whatever the Direct TV box is, not a cable box). I didn’t supply the right question when I asked on my friend's computer. I really need to finalize the DVD copy I made from my VHS tape. Please help me. It’s medical records and I need them tomorrow.


Sep 30, 2017

goto the TV menu and choose the AV input , being HDMI or AV cables

try all the options until it appears if you dont understand what I mean.

Which TV model is it ?
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