Make memory card unreadable

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Jun 2, 2018
Is there a way to make memory cards unreadable with software? Old cards can have personal stuff, family photos or text you don't want others to see. I've heard that there was a program that could make a hdd lose magnetization, thus making it unreadable. Is there something similar for memory cards, too? To ensure the card will be unusable.
It's shady because you want the card dead, but not in a visible way. You want to remove any chance of reading the data, I/we get that. Why would anyone want a card that doesn't work but looks like it does? That's the shady part. You want the card to not be able to give up any data, and you don't want to use it. It's called physical destruction. Pick a method and go.



Why? Would you destroy it in the microwave at the same time you're warming up your leftovers? That's weird. It's not like there's some magic chemical that will suddenly be stored by the microwave.

It sounds fishy because remember, we don't know you or what type of person you are. Being insistent on destroying the ability of an SD card to store data while leaving the SD card *looking* like it could store data sounds extremely suspicious. From a practical standpoint, it sounds more like something you would do to a third party's SD card to surreptitiously destroy data they have that you do not want them to have, without them suspected that you did anything. On the basis of your posts in the thread, I currently trust you about as far as I can throw you.


Jan 29, 2001
Wipe it digitally until you are confident old data can't be retrieved. Put on rubber-soled shoes. Go into a room with a radiator. Scuff your feet up and down for 5-10 minutes while holding the contacts of the memory card. Then touch the radiator with one of the copper bits to induce static grounding.

Repeat for as long as your haircut will put up with it.

Will it work? No idea, but it makes me chuckle at the idea of it all. :D
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