Memory cards - SD or MultiMediaCards for Canon powershot a700



Hi all,

I recently aquired a Canon Powershot A700 AiAF. Although a few years old it seems a good camera but the Canon MMC card that came with it dosen't hold many pictures at all. I purchased a 4gb Scandisk SDHC card but got the message "card error", assuming this was because it was SDHC and not SD, i then got a elite pro 4gb SD card, but got the same error message.

Is there a card available that this camera will recognise that will store a reasonable number of pictures???

Hope someone can help


Jun 18, 2012
I have the same camera and it seems it can only take memory cards up to 2GB in size. I never have any problems with 2GB cars, but get the same message as you do with anything larger.

The world seems to be going toward larger and larger sensors, image sizes and memory cards, but a 6MPX sensor can take stupendous pictures and print them really quite large. I sure don't remember 35mm equipment going obsolete as fast as this digital stuff... and it's not even that the PowerShot A700 makes bad pictures and deserves to be obsoleted... it actually makes excellent pictures!

However, there will come the day where it's just not possible to get memory that will fit this. So... snap up smaller cards while you can, and even look for them used if you can find them.

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