Microphone / Headset solution for same-room conference call


Oct 12, 2015
My coworkers and I frequently use skype to carry a conference call between several parties. 3-4 of us are often in the same office room at separate desks. Then other parties are on the call from an entirely different location.

The issue is with getting everyone in the office room to be mic'ed and able to hear the other parties, while avoiding echoing and feedback loops.

Optimally, everyone would be mic'ed but the audio for the office would come out of one speaker. This causes a lot of problems with feedback loops and echos if there are multiple active mics in the office.

With normal headsets, there is no feedback loop but everyone in the office room hears each other twice (once naturally, and a second time slightly delayed.

I think the best would be for one computer in the office to be on the conference call, with multiple mics feeding into the same computer. The audio could be broadcast over a speaker, while the mic's would hopefully not pick up any feedback. If that isn't possible, then the audio could be broadcast over headphones to each individual in the office.
The problem is, I don't know what type of splitter equipment we would need to make this possible. How do I get multiple wireless headsets feeding into the same computer?

By the way, push to talk isn't a good option as we are typically talking a lot. Thank you and look forward to hearing any suggestions.