Microsoft Excel Copy and Paste Changing my info


Aug 18, 2016
Hi Guys,

I have come across something quite frustrating. I have a mac with office 2011 installed and I use it extensively for work. We have a template (designed by us) that encompasses one printed page on excel workbook. It's like a daily log. On the one page there is an image (company logo), merged cells, formulas and row height differences. I fill it out as the day goes by and then for day two I copy the template and paste the entire template into a second page (remember printed type pages) the problem? Suddenly its now longer than one printed page and each time I copy and paste the info it suddenly gets longer and longer.

Any help at all would be appreciated. It never used to do this and in the beginning I could copy and paste with no problems.

Try this on Windows' Office. Does it have same behavior?
You might also try to have each week on separate sheet (tab), instead of separate page within the same sheet.