MSI or Sager ??


Nov 30, 2006
I have around $1400. I have a Asus G73Jh which recently shut down on me and is now fried. So I am on the hunt for a well built laptop. For some reason my mind is stuck on a clevo / sager laptop they look really well built, but so do the MSI's. I was also going to get the extended 3 year warranty for an extra $150 if i go the sager route, is this a bad idea?

I love playing Planet Side 2. For a screen I'm fine with a 15 in but 17 in would be better or course. My G73JH was kind of bulky/clunky but i guess you have to expect that from a gaming desktop replacement. I really use it mainly at home, because my other computer is back in another room, and I like to have my laptop and be around my wife and kids in the living room. Which brand do you think would be better any suggestions.

Any other brands / tips will help thanks.

They're both good bang for the buck/value systems. At least with a Sager, you can open it up to clean it without voiding your warranty. Most OEMs - MSI included - will not allow you to do anything beyond perhaps removing a panel to upgrade memory or a HDD.