Multiple Computer Setup with different audio inputs/outputs


Oct 25, 2013

This is what I would like to setup, but have no idea how:

■ One headset, if possible, with audio from two sources. If not, in-ear with over-ear together. Would prefer the first option.

■ PC #1 needs to be my primary sound. It needs to have absolutely everything but what is required for PC #2

■ PC #2 will be used for voice chat and would hopefully go into the same headset as PC #1. I would also need to use PC #2 for my microphone.

Basically, I would like to use one headset for two PCs. Is this possible? My motherboard is ASUS P6X58D-E with no sound card, but I am willing to buy a soundcard if necessary. PC #2 is an older ASUS, I can figure out the model later if it matters.

Some things I can think of that might get in the way:

■ Hitting push-to-talk on PC#2 will not be easy. The computers will be on separate networks, is there a way to send keystrokes from PC#1 to PC#2 without using any noticeable bandwidth? I could always use a foot pedal...

■ If I use the in-ear and over-ear solution, the sound may be hard to balance.

You can assume I have nothing but a crappy in-ear device and a crappy over-ear device, both of which I am willing to replace. I use a lot of voice chat and my sound has always been horrible, so maybe a decent standalone mic might be a good idea.

Any ideas for me here?

Christiaan Lourens

Aug 1, 2013
This is a simple fix albeit very useless why not just chat with 1 pc? If you are worried about being busy in a program or game remember that there are programs made to chat while other programs are running.

Anyway here is what you asked for:

PC1 : Just get a headset with no mic or disable the mic on it and get it away from your mouth so it won't irritate you.

PC2: Get a standalone mic (with a pretty long cable at that) to have near your face (problem fixed)

If you want your pc 1's headset to have it's mic in Pc 2's mic port you will have to make sure the PC's are right next to each other and the cable can actually fit but it's possible. Just make 100% sure about cable lengths (not the actual cable length but the length after the splitter)

As long as your Sound, mic ports are working you don't need a soundcard. However the sound will be much better. I suggest getting the for PC1 (as long as the mic port works on PC2 you will be fine)

But seriously just get more RAM and you can do everything on 1 pc :p