My acer laptop turns itself off when I play games


Jan 4, 2012
Ok, Ima gamer I'll admit, but when I play games on my Acer laptop, it turns itself off. Ive tried putting a fan beside it to keep it cool but it still happens. Help! :( :(


Sep 24, 2007
try and clean it, (air compressor or compressed air in can) laptops get clogged up by dust, blow into intake and where hot air comes out
Can you hear laptop fan working good?


Is it still under warranty? If so, send it in for repairs. If not, then if you are daring you can take it apart to clean it and also replace the thermal paste for both CPU and GPU.. See if there is a video on Youtube which show you how to disassemble your specific laptop.

Note that, if your laptop has already suffered from heat damage, then even cleaning out the dirt and replacing the thermal paste may not improve anything.
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