My brand new Asus laptop's screen becomes unresponsive at random times. The pointer still moves but clicks aren't registered.

Aug 28, 2018
I've ordered an ASUS and finally arrived today.

i7-7700HQ CPU
8GB ram
GTX 1050 Integrated RAMDAC
Windows 10

After I turned it on I was prompted to install an update (one of which was critical) by an automatic thingy (I forgot).
I also installed a new BIOS and changed the language to japanese.
The screen becomes unresponsive (as in doesn't respond to clicks) but the pointer still works. The touchpad is the same story. The laptop can't be shut down except by hard shut down by holding the shut down button. During these unresponsive episodes the laptop still responds to Ctrl+Alt+delete and the middle mouse still works in the task manager tab. The memory usage was about 60% and everything seemed normal. It returns to normal after a hard reset and has happened twice today.