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    Why does C not have run time errors?

    Disclaimer: I am a total noob in C, and don't have all too much experience in computer science in general (about 1 year). I come from a background in Java and Python, and when I started learning C, I noticed something I found odd. Why does C not give run time errors, even if I intentionally add...
  2. H

    My brand new Asus laptop's screen becomes unresponsive at random times. The pointer still moves but clicks aren't registered.

    I've ordered an ASUS and finally arrived today. Specs i7-7700HQ CPU 8GB ram GTX 1050 Integrated RAMDAC Windows 10 After I turned it on I was prompted to install an update (one of which was critical) by an automatic thingy (I forgot). I also installed a new BIOS and changed the language to...
  3. K

    Lost computer pointer

    Lost pointer on computer
  4. S

    Pointer frozen on laptop

    Pointer not moving on my laptop. An acer. How do I enable it move
  5. F

    Disappearing trackpad pointer in Dell XPS 13 2018 version

    I have the 2018 Dell XPS 13. The trackpad pointer disappears intermittently, sometimes the laptop also hangs when this happens. I have never tried using a mouse so I don’t know if this will also happen with a mouse.
  6. E

    Toshiba Satellite P70-A touchpad problem in Windows 10. Pointer can't be found.

    In Windows 10 the touch pad apparently is not functioning as a pointer does not appear on the screen. Removing batter, unplugging and holding start button for 10 seconds and then returning battery and power plug, staring up and immediately pressing F2 key repeatedly and then pressing F9 key and...
  7. S

    hy my Acer laptop does not show pointer it only show box with a hand and prohibit sign

    The pointer is not showing up on the screen
  8. D

    Solved! Mouse pointer jumps around uncontrollably and remote tech support can’t fix.

    I have a problem with the mouse pointer jumping all over uncontrollably. Lenovo tech support has wiped the hard drive and reinstalled to factory settings. The problem persists. Would replacing the hard drive fix the problem?
  9. T

    There are only lines and no numbers to represent what dpi it is ? How am i meant to know what dpi each line represents ?

    Mouse DPI problem, the lines on "Pointer options" do not display what dpi each line represents.
  10. S

    Mouse pointer is moving but its not working.. I m sticker in opening screen. I couldn't even enter the password and even I can

    Mouse pointer moving but its not clicking on anything... M stucked on opening window screen. I have set the password now it's not clicking so I m not able to enter my password and even I can't shutdown and restart the laptop
  11. S

    only a scale, doesnt show dpi

    the pointer speed is only a scale, it doesnt actually show the dpi. I play Players unknown battlegrounds, and a lot of pros use 990 DPI, and i want to get exactly that. where can i set that exact number? Thanks!
  12. P

    Mouse pointer lagging

    My mouse pointer is laggy after i updated my graphics driver what do i do?
  13. A

    LG magic remote problem

    I bought a lg 42lb550v which comes with a magic remote. the remote was working fine for a few days but just a week later its sensor or the pointer stopped working. Everything else works just fine except for the pointer. i even tried reseting the remote but it didn't help. somebody help me out.
  14. D

    Cursor/pointer out of control jumping and opening multiple programs.

    I have a Toshiba LX835 All in One. I run Windows 7. Cursor/pointer keeps jumping to desktop programs and opens them up. Not just one, but moves from one to the other opening the program. If I move the cursor away, it just jumps back to the programs and opens up another one. Impossible to...
  15. D

    No pointer displaying on startup

    As you can read by the title, the pointer does not display on startup. I'm using a laptop, windows 10. Last night it was working fine, we can say the whole day. Today, I booted it up and the mouse didn't appear. I can't make it appear by moving the finger around the touchpad. When plugging a...
  16. L

    how to find mouse dpi

    i tried multiple tomsguide threads, used pointer settings, and checked windows mouse and keyboard center
  17. K

    Solved! Dont know the right key to hit

    My password paige is open but the pointer wont move
  18. V

    my screen brightness does not decrease or increase

    i was trying to decrease brightness but it couldn't i pressed F11 and F12 the pointer appears but it does not go down after that i go to control panel and tried to decrease brightness but it could not. Please help me
  19. N

    How do I fix the touchpad and mouse pointer that repeatedly freeze on my new Galaxy TabPro S, even after a restart?

    It doesn't seem to be caused by any particular program. It is usually fixed, temporarily, by folding the screen down in sleep mode. Sometimes it seems to be fixed for a day or two, then it freezes again.
  20. I

    Samsung smart hub amazon app - pointer not working after update

    very annoying that update lost functionality of pointer on remote why did they do this? the link below that some machine posted is pointless - automatic, no official reads this stuff - just a maze of comments that lead no where most of the time
  21. P

    No touchpad and no pointer on my HP Pavilion 15 with Windows 10

    Recently my mouse pointer just stopped and I went to device manager and touchpad wasn't there. I have tried everything but nothing works. What should I do.
  22. L

    BSOD on Sony laptop

    Cannot see anything but blue screen and mouse pointer. Control alt delete let's it restart but still same no image
  23. R

    Pointer does not show up on desktop

    Toshiba Satellite u845 TouchPad not working, no pointer on screen. Windows 10. Pointer works on welcome screen and then works on sign on screen but then it is nowhere to be found on desktop and an "x" is on pointing device icon in bottom tray. So I cannot go anywhere from desktop.
  24. haswellgamer

    Mouse pointer not showing up

    I have a Lenovo Y 50-70 touch and all of a sudden, my mouse pointer has disappeared. I can still see it when I move it over the URL bar, but once I move it away, it's gone again. I've already tried restarting it, but that didn't help.
  25. D

    Aspire 512 frozen pointer

    My new Acer Aspire 512 series the cursor is frozen on the sign in to open . I have tried everything and nothing works. I just got it out of the shop. Had it cleaned to factory .. played with it and do not know how to set it up now this! Help,!! May have to pay more to have it fixed again & set...
  26. D

    Problem of black screen

    How can i start my Acer Aspire E15 laptop. the screen is black and all it shows is a Mouse pointer. Need urgent help. Early response awaited . thank you.
  27. H

    error reference by pointer

    On a windows 8 laptop, i was going about the same stuff i do on a day to day basis and i was presented with a Bug Check 0x18: REFERENCE_BY_POINTER. The laptop restarted and seems to be working fine now, I know this could be caused by corruption in registry files or a memory problem. Anyone good...
  28. S

    Aser E 15 can't type password ?

    Aser E 15 my laptop Now I can't type password to that password bar.there no text bar... Mouse pointer can move. But no text bar Plz help me to type password.!!!!
  29. S

    Hi, My ideapad Z510 mouse pointer is moving randomly and functioning on its own.

    Its moving randomly on its own and i am unable to control it. Is there any thing I can do to fix the problem.
  30. R

    mouse pointer is working but selecting the icon is not working why? and what is the solution?

    the mouse pointer is not clicking the icons while we choose the icons. the pointer is selecting the icons but it is not performing the functions why? give me the solutions for this problem
  31. V

    Asus transformer laptop black screen with pointer problem after installing Nvidia drivers

    Im very new to this forum so sorry in advance if im suppossed to post elsewhere. My parents bought a new laptop (ASUS TP300LD) a couple of weeks ago, so i got back home to set it up for them (installing programs, drivers and all that). They were using the laptop successfully right until i got...
  32. T

    Macbook Pro Problems

    My early 2011 Macbook Pro has been having this problem for a while where it will randomly randomly start activating gesture when I ever even touched the trackpad, while it is doing this my pointer to going crazy all over the screen and making it very hard to control. I also think that their is...
  33. V

    my sony vaio is not getting started. the power is supplying but the screen only showing pointer. how can i fix it ?

    my sony vaio is not getting started. the power is supplying but the screen only showing pointer. how can i fix it ?
  34. K

    acer black screen without mouse pointer showing

    after a system required restart, after the logo, its just black as it is without any mouse pointers visible or anything. what should i do? please help me
  35. P

    my pad isnt working i have a toshiba

    i try to touch the pad to move my pointer and it doesnt respond
  36. B

    how can I get my mouse pointer back, I have done everything and the touchpad does not seem to be working.

    My HP Envy laptop is only letting me use touch-screen. I want to get my mouse pointer back...how do I get my mouse pointer back?
  37. E

    my mouse on the pad stopped working so i hard rebooted. it worked to sign in with password but once into the desk top its forz

    So my pointer would not work on my asus laptop. Frozen. I forced several reboots. The pointer works but a lot more broken. Internet won't work. The troubleshooter won't work. The battery is good but won't work. The screen is dim. The FN sound buttons don't work and the start button is all...
  38. S

    after power on of laptop only mouse pointer visible, what is the reason?

    After my Laptop (Dell), only mouse pointer arrow visible without getting on fully what may be the reason??
  39. S

    Laptop trackpad not working

    I wanted to disable the pointer stick on my Dell Latitude E6420. After searching for it online, I found out I had to install Dell's trackpad driver, so I did. After that however, it completely disabled my trackpad AND pointer stick, even though it said both were enabled in the settings. Now I am...
  40. B

    my computer screen is white

    My laptop screen is white I gust se the mouse pointer. Can you help?
  41. J

    Asus two finger scroll not working after sleep

    Evening! I recently bought an Asus X450L. After sleeping, the two finger scroll no longer works. But my ATK driver is updated at version 1.0.0031 and my Asus Smart gesture is V 2.2.8 Also i tried looking for the synaptics in the mouse properties. But there was no option for device settings...
  42. M

    My track pad for my leveno thinkpad isnt working how can i fix this

    when i try to use my track pad at the bottom of my key board the pointer will not move. The same thing goes for the little red mouse thing inbetween my g and h. But when i plug in a mouse the mouse is able to work. Does anyone know whats wrong if so please help
  43. M

    acer laptop pointer frozen in middle of screen cannot get it to move

    laptop problems with acer
  44. J

    Null Pointer Exception

    Hello, first post, total noob here. Not even sure if this is the right place to post this. I get this NullPointerException that I haven't a clue what that means. I have tried googling it and no luck understanding what this error is/does or the cause of it. One thing could be that I don't...
  45. R

    Eee netbook or laptop

    how can i repair the mouse pointer of my Eee laptop if it is stuck in the middle of the screen and it is not functioning??
  46. A

    pointer not working

    i have hp windows 2010 lap top, recently i was typing only to see a yellow light on the touch pad and immediately the pointer stopped moving. for now unless i use an external mouse i cannot use it please help me solve the problem. my address is alphoncenyakundi@gmail.com
  47. S

    Start up Problem

    My Asus K53b does not start it is just a black screen and only the pointer vissible. What Should I do/ Stefan
  48. A

    I cant get my pointer to at all

    hello i just got a new acer aspire one and it was working fine and now i cant get the pointer to work so i can click on any apps
  49. G

    How do i unlock laptop acer?

    my pointer is stuck my pad is not functioning
  50. T

    Pointer frozen in the center of screen windows 7

    I can get a few screens to show using various keystrokes but cursor still frozen
  51. J

    Solved! Mouse pointer grabs screen instead of gliding over

    Hello, I just bought a Toshiba laptop. Windows 7. Using the mouse pad on the computer, the pointer often locks up and instead of gliding over the page it locks on and doesn't let go. Like sticky fingers! Is this a feature (which I find irritating) or a glitch i can correct?
  52. S

    Pointer frozen in the center of screen

    Hello, how can i fix this
  53. G

    Jumpy mouse pointer

    Hello, I have experienced the mouse-pointer forcing the cursor to position at unintended points on my document when editing. Any Solutions to this?
  54. B

    Mouse pointer problem

    New acer laptop, whan mouse pointer is over an icon or most anything else, it will very often click on it all by itself without me clicking the mouse manually, please help, thanks
  55. M

    Driver for toshiba satellite M45-S2692

    Hello, i formatted my laptop toshiba satellite M45-S2692,but the touch pad mouse pointer is not working.
  56. K


    my touchpad pointer is not stable on the desktop. What can i do?
  57. G

    What remote control or pointer for computers on TVs?

    I'm interested in what remotes people use with computers hooked up to TVs. Mouse on the couch? Keyboard on coffee table? Wireless or not? Remote pointer like the Loop pointer or Bluetooth only? Are you happy with what you have? Full disclosure - I do consulting for Hillcrest labs so I have more...
  58. G

    Pointer on laptop keyboard

    I have a laptop - Latitude and use a wireless mouse. How do i turn off the pointer mouse on my keyboard
  59. G

    How do I get click coordinates from imagemap

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have written this code: <form name="image_pointer" id="image_pointer" method="get" action="image_check.php"> <input type='image' src="images/GLOBAL_240.jpg" height="210" width="238" border="0" alt="Map of Earth" ISMAP...
  60. G

    Eraser pointer for Inspiron 3800

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hello Folks, I can't find a source for the eraser head mouse pointer stick on the Inspiron 3800. Mine is worn out. Can anyone point me to a Dell URL or third party supplier? Thanks in advance for help.