My computer shuts down randomly

Sep 16, 2018
Alright. So.
I play games on my computer. Everything's fine until today. Yesterday (and every other day) the computer ran games good, no warnings or errors at all. Today, I open it, play a game (the game i mostly play consumes 1gb of ram, I have 8gb, 6,95 usable) and after about 10 secs it shuts off. I though I pressed the power off button, but no, it kept on shutting down every time. I touched the part on which there's the power up button (It's a laptop) and it was pretty hot. So I though my laptop was too hot and was shutting down for that reason. I downloaded an application to check the temperature and it was at about 43 degrees. I don't think it's the reason of it shutting down because, as far as I know, a computer temperature is fine until it gets higher than 85 degrees. I am now both typing here and using the application to check the temp and it sticks around 40/43 degrees. If I open that game, the laptop shuts down. The temperature is still at 43° when I open it. What worries me more is what the application says. and
If you look down, it shows a lot of errors. Also, it shows the laptop being turned on from more than 700 hours. Yes, I mostly leave it in standby mode, but as of it shutting down randomly that value should tecnically reset. The thing is it shuts down just from today, yesterday and the days earlier it worked just fine. Can somebody help me with it? I got this computer like four months ago and I don't want it to die already.
I'll leave the specs of it here.

8GB Ram
Asus VivoBook, Windows 10 Home Edition.


Jul 30, 2017
It could be GPU overheating,
Also if your system installed some updates (before shutting down problem) - it could be GPU driver.
If it is hot on the top- it could be because of battery charging.

Try to unplug battery and run it only on adapter and see if laptop - the main part and keybord is hot(to touch)

If yes, probably your laptop is very dirty, you should try to clean it with air compressor. - do not use vacuum cleaner
Sep 16, 2018

Alright, thanks.
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