My computer sound is somehow going in through my mic, and I can't figure out what's causing it.


Dec 23, 2014
This problem came up a while ago, and I just lived with it. It makes calls to people impossible because they end up hearing what they say played back to them.

I've tried this with an external mic as well as with the mic from the laptop I'm using right now, so I think I can safely rule out hardware problems.

Anyways, it's possible that I installed something that is causing this. I can't think of what it might be though - I uninstalled voicemeeter but to no avail.

Another thing worth noting is that the audio that comes in seems to be much quieter than it should be, including the audio that it gets from my speakers.

And yes, I'm using headphones :3

Computer specs: Windows 7, 64 bit with Realtek audio drivers

Thanks in advance :)