My Headphones Aren't Making Full Connection To My Laptop


May 11, 2016
The Other Day I Wanted To Watch Some Films On Netflix, So I Got My Laptop And My Headphones And Sat Down A Pressed Play, But I Then Noticed That I Couldn't Hear Anything, I Turned The Sound Up And It Was Playing Out Of My Speakers, At First I Thought That My Headphones Were Broken So I Grabbed My Earphones Instead But They Did The Same Thing, At This Point I Was Starting To Get Annoyed So I Blew Into My Headphone Port But It Had No Effect. Now My Headphones Still Click When I Put Them Is So They Do Fit Well But When I Push Them In With Force I Get Audio But As Soon As I Move A Single Centimeter The Sound Plays Out Of My Speakers Again. I'm A Noob When I Comes To Computer Maintenance, But I Think It's A Bad Connection Inside My Port, Bare In Mind This Happens With Every Set Of Headphones And Earphones I Have Tried.
(However All Of Them Work On My Phone And Other Devices.) Please Help. Thanks.