My HP Probook 4510 laptop shuts down


Jan 9, 2013

The AC adapter works ok and recharges battery but the AC jiggles in the input hole. Suddenly the light goes off by the input hole and I'm running on battery only.

Can you help?

Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
Your most likely problem here is a broken power jack on the laptop. If you are adventurous and adept at the use of a soldering iron, there are videos on you tube showing how to replace a broken power jack. Probably one for your model - note that laptops disassemble differently, some are rather easy, some very much the opposite.
If you are somewhat intimidated by the prospect of getting into your laptop's innards, a local computer shop may be able to perform the repair or there are on-line companies that specialize in that repair. You send your laptop off to them and a week or two later it comes back working again, the normal fee for that service seems to be about $100.
Hope it helps