my laptop has 2 jack ports 1 for mic and 1 for sound. how can i use my SINGLE CORDED AND SINGLE JACK earphones.


Oct 10, 2017
How can i use my single jack 3rings earphones with my 2 jackport laptop. my laptop is sony vaio vgn cs36gj and my earphone is a generic earphone. Please help me. Thankyou and God bless!
Well if they are just plain headphones then you just need to plug them into the right one. If they are, however, headphones with a microphone attached, then you have an issue.

There would be two fixes... well three...

1. Get a headset/mic combo that has two plugs.

2. Get an adapter that can split you singular one up to use both jacks.

3. Get an adapter that will take it from a 3.5mm jack to a USB one.

Personally I like option 3 as it tends to get better results.
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