My laptop typing wrong characters

Gene D

Dec 20, 2015
Hi everybody, here is my laptop is typing a 5 when i hit the h button, It doesn`t type at all when i turn off the num lock button, same with the shift button. This only happens with the letter h. Im using a DELL Inspiron 7000 series

Here are some troubleshooting steps that I've suggested to other who had the same problem.
- Check keyboard language settings.
- Open Control Panel and look for Region and Language.
- Check all tabs if they are all set to United States.
- If that doesn't work, try pressing those following keys which are not working using your onscreen keyboard (Ease of Access look for Onscreen keyboard)
- Connect an external keyboard and see if the same problem will persist because if does you may need to consider on doing a complete Factory Reset cause it's a problem with your operating system.
- If all these will not work I would suggest replacing the keyboard itself.