my laptop wont turn on

Val Vincent

Jul 9, 2017
my acer aspire 4250 wont turn on and the light blinks(blue) when the power on button is pressed the it only does a single blink and then nothing happens.

i notice something, when i plug it in, charging led comes on(orange) but after i press the power button. the charging led(orange) turns off as the blue light blink once and then after a sec. the charging led(orange) comes on again.

i tried the power.reset method wherein in i hold the power for 20-45 sec without any power source attached and battery. but it did not work. please help me guys. thnks
Sounds like you need either a new battery or a new charger cord. Test the cord on another device (or another devices cord on yours) if possible. If it works, then you know it is the battery.