My samsung tv was playing videos fine until recently. For the last 3 months, the videos are blurred and no updates cause any i



YouTube videos blurred in Samsung smart TV. App updates did not better the video quality. Please help.

Louise Porkolt

Nov 25, 2014
hi there,

is it a TV with fans blowing inside ? if so then your tv might be working as a vacuum cleaner !
best practice if it is not under warranty anymore is to unscrew all screws and clean out all dust from inside.
It might be that the motherboard is allready affected by the heat and some connections or components are busted ...
there is a way to repair this but at your own risk !
I tried this a few times with graphic cards and it worked for 90%
I tried it for a 3 TV's and only once it worked...
So I cannot guarantee much good for it !

unless there is something else going on, like bad network connection ?

Let us know !

Kind regards, Louise.


Hi, thanks for the reply. My TV is only 3 years old and works fine with all other channels. It is only the YouTube videos that don't play properly... that too only since the last 3-4 months.