My Speakers Are Popping

Ethan Richards

Jul 31, 2015
I have an RCA RS 2663 Audio system, and when I play a song through my speakers they have a skight popping noise, but when im on skype and my friend plays music through his speakers they don't pop, even though I can still feel the bass coming through my speakers from his krk's. Any advice on how to fix them or should I just get a new audio system? I'm planning on getting a new audio system for my birthday, but I would like to avoid it as long as possible because I don't know if ill have enough money.
If you have the bass boosted turn it down.
If it happens only when you turn the volume up the woofers may be reaching their limit. You can damage them when they make a popping sound. Sounds like you do need a better audio setup. You can replace the speakers as a first step. A pair of good used audiophile speakers may be the way to start. They may need more power and better electronics eventually but it will still sound much better. A pair of used Paradigm Titans or Atoms won't be too pricey.