NEED HELP ASAP VERY URGENT!!! spilt juice on laptop keyboard


Oct 18, 2017
I was eating a small cup of pickles and i spilt some of the juice it was dark and i didn't think that it was that much it was just some on the mouse pad and the space and arrow keys mainly. i wiped it off and continued what i was doing then the screen went black and had colored lines going across it wouldnt turn off or on. finally got it to turn off and tried to turn back on took off some keys and wiped it off underneath it. took charger and battery out. as it was sitting there was juice oozing out of the bottom. its very crucial that i have this laptop and i do not have any money to get it fixed or get a new one is there anything else i can do im trying to let it dry out couldnt take off bottom because i dont have a small enough screw driver and its 3am


Nov 19, 2010
There's not really much that can be done. Your best chance at saving the laptop was to turn it off immediately and then disassemble it, clean the parts, and let it dry for a few days. Running it with liquid sloshing around inside it could very well have killed it off; it's impossible to say without knowing exactly where the pickle juice got to, but if it was oozing out the bottom, that was a serious issue. At this point, you need to keep it off until you can get it opened it up and cleaned up, but there's no guarantee considering you had electricity flowing through pickle brine.


Sep 17, 2016
Pickle juice is so full of electrolytes sodium, potassium and calcium that it's about as electrically conductive as you can get, and applying voltage to the wrong places can be very, very bad. Salt is also poorly soluble in alcohol (20x more soluble in water than methanol, 400x than ethanol, almost completely insoluble in isopropyl alcohol) so it needs to be washed out with distilled water. You can follow that with a splash of alcohol to help the water dry faster.
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