Need help connecting original Xbox to HD monitor via VGA


Dec 26, 2013
I am trying to connect my original Xbox to my ASUS VX 238H. Here's the monitor's Newegg page if you need to see it.

The monitor has a VGA port on the back, so I was planning on using an RCA to VGA adaptor for video, and a separate RCA to 3.5 mm adaptor for audio which I will plug into my speakers' auxiliary port. Since everything remains analog, I won't have to buy any expensive converters yes? I am a little bit worried that this won't work though, because my monitor only goes down to 720p, and 90% of original Xbox games ran at 480p. What will happen if I try to feed the monitor a signal lower than it supports? I do have an ancient monitor that for sure displays 480p, but I would rather use my new one. Any thoughts?


May 24, 2013
You should be fine, the worst you should notice would be black bars around the screen to fill the void of the misiing pixles, but its not like the monitor wont display 480p