Need help. Laptop’s keyboard and power button isnt working


Nov 27, 2017
Hello. I just bought an acer aspire R15 and today it’s been my first day using it.

While playing prey, my keyboard suddenly stopped working, entirely, and the power off button, which is located in the right side of the laptop, stopped working too.

The trackpad worked fine, so i connected an external keybord in order to leave the game and proceeded to restart the computer. The problem is that it got stuck. It didnt completely restart or shut off, it is black screened and i cant do anything because i cant turn it off. I dont know what to do. The computer is totally new and I am afraid that it is damaged. I wont be able to return it since my dad bought it on amazon almost a month ago when he was in the US, but never openned it, and the 30 days of refund will have passed (with just one day of usage).

Should I open it and disconnect the battery or would it damage it/avoid the warranty?
If this is a brand new device, return it and get them to give you one that works correctly. No new device should do this. And Amazon would accept it. Worst case, if they somehow will not, it is still under the manufacturer's warranty. So you could contact them if Amazon won't help.