Need help re: Canon S30 and PC connection


Nov 7, 2002
I just bought a Canon Powershot S30 and have run into some problems which I cannot figure out, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I install the bundled software and drivers on my computer, following instructions to plug the camera in after it's all done and letting it find the new hardware and install it. This goes okay.

When I go into the photo program, the computer says the camera isn't available, or isn't found at all. I have all the drivers updated (WinXP SP1, etc), and uninstalled every USB item and let Windows redetect/reinstall it, but still no dice. But what makes this strange is that when I plug the camera into the computer, I get a dialogue box asking what program I want to use, and the camera appears in Windows explorer. But then it ends there.

I decided to try something to see if the camera was at fault, or my computer, and installed everything on my mother's computer, and it went without a hitch, camera transferred images, etc. Both computers are running WinXP, mine has SP1 and hers doesn't is the only major difference between 'em.

I'm at a complete loss at what to do here, thank you in advance.


Jun 27, 2002
I have had similar problems with my Powershot G2, when I used W2K. They mysteriously disappeared after reinstalling the drivers a couple of times.

After I installed WXP, I don't use the bundled software at all, since XP can access the CF card in the camera as a drive. I havent had any problems under WXP.

Have you checked Canons homepage for the latest XP drivers?

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Aug 20, 2001
I just used a device like the Atech Pro Drive III and that solves the issue. I perfer just ejecting the card rather than going through the hassle of finding the cable.