Need help selecting a notebook/laptop



Hello tom's hardware people! and good morning/evening depending on your timezone! I would like to get some help regarding selecting a laptop inside a 1200$ ~ 1350$ budget. I have been searching in every webpage I can remember: acer, hp, lenovo, toshiba, dell & alienware, samsung, sony, asus, msi, xoticpc (although xoticpc is a bit hard to search as there are no filters in their webpage) and sager.

I need hdmi because that way I can connect it to my tv
blu ray is optional but I'd love it

fingerprint scanner is optional too (I didn't even know it existed until I saw it at sager's page included in every laptop they got)

virtualization capabilities (vt-x) is mandatory (I think most of intel processors can do virtualization, however, i7 is mandatory)

best perfomance for gaming possible, I prefer intel CPU over amd and I prefer Nvidia over intel GPU (intel is a no-no for graphics)

bluetooth is optional too, but it's always good to have it :)

hdd + a little ssd is mandatory

I like screens from 15-17 inches size (17 is better, 15 is optional in case the laptop is actually better than the 17 one)

I've been seeing

Options I change in sager: if ram < 12 -> set ram to 12
if no ssd -> 60 or 120gb ssd as OS drive
if hdd's rpm < 7200 -> 1tb at 7200rpm
6x blu ray
is the thermal compound necessary?
one of those sagers don't fit on the budget though which is the NP8278 after options have taken place

which one should I go for? I like the acers as they got all the luxuries included (hdmi, blueooth, blu ray) they don't have fingerprint scanner as the sagers do though. If you look at the acer 7660 the overview shows nvidia gtx 860m 2gb vram but datasheet shows nothing and other websites say that it doesn't have a graphics card therefore it is useless. So it must be either the acer 9460 or one of the three sagers (unless you have a better suggestion)

I have some doubts: do these sagers have hdmi? I see they have bluetooth with every wifi card and fingerprint scanner, and blu ray is in the options, is the diamond thermal compound necessary? what's the caddy case?

you're free to post any other suggestion you got or anything else I should be aware of (like X thing is missing in Y laptop that I forgot to mention and may be useful) all I am typing here is all I know

thanks for reading it all and thanks for taking a little of your time! have a good evening/morning/night!



thanks, but that's not really what I am looking for. Actually, I've made my decision already!



thanks! that's quite a very good laptop! I've decided for another one already though.


Jul 11, 2014
I would suggest you to go for TOSHIBA or SONY.
Just because they are more durable in long terms. And I would also suggest to avoid HP and DELL asI have seen many problems in these within an year. TOSHIBA and SONY both will be good in terms of perfornance and durability. And of course
you can get any configuration in any brand so that is never a problem. Every manufacturer offers its laptops with Intel core i7 and nVIDIA graphics card. Every laptop that has a core i7 and such a graphics card inside will surely have HDMI port. If you prefer SSD over HDD then ultrabooks will be your choice but remember that would limit your internal storage to about 256 GB as SDDs are faster but offer less capacity than HDDs by now.
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