Need low budget "small game" tablet advice


Jun 23, 2014
Hi :pt1cable: tablet enthusiast/expert, I know nothing about tablets and my aunt who use a Nintendo 3ds right now to play cards/puzzles game as a friend who showed her a 7" inch tablet with similar games, since her eyes are starting to fail her she felt in love with the device and need one now :)

My problem is she use a Hipstreet Titan 2 and from the rating I found online it seem really bad im scared to advise her to get that.. all the rating i've found were 1 out of 5.

OS: I don't have any OS in mind but since her friend use a Hipstreet Titan my guess is the same OS would probably make things easier.

Screen: 7" inch or bigger but probably 7 since she don't want to spend a lot for it.

Brand: No preferred one. Just something that let her play small games (my guess is that those game are phone-like games?) and wifi internet/email would be a plus if it come with it but isn't a requirement.

Budget: Since its only to play small games the cheaper the better has long as the device is still decent aka wont break after 3months. Under 100$ would be perfect if that's possible, like I said im clueless. Is that Titan ok for her or should I go for something else.

Please let me know your opinion and let me thank you in advance for her! Feel free to link some products directly.



Feb 18, 2014
I wouldn't go with the Titan. This is an excellent deal going on right now on I love this website for it's return policy. This item is an open box deal, which means someone ordered it and decided they didn't want it for whatever reason and sent it back. There is nothing wrong with the device, just that it's been opened before. This unit has a lot of nice features like a 5mp camera, tegra 2 CPU, and bluetooth. It's just not a top name brand.

Here is a brand name unit (Asus) that has less features. 1mp camera, lesser of a CPU, and no bluetooth, but its a name brand.

Here is another unit that has better specs and is name brand. Still no Bluetooth but 2 cameras (front and back) and the best processor out of all the options I have listed on here. But seeing as she is only going to be doing simple gaming on it, you might not need the better CPU. But its still in your budget.

I personally would get the Hisense. But I am all about getting as many features for my money, and try taking a chance on a not so well known brand. So its up to. I would highly recommend buying from newegg though. I have been buying from them for about 10 years now, and have not had even one bad experience with them. I can't say enough good things about them. I hope this helps. Good luck.