Need to connect LG HD TV to LG Blu-Ray player and Pioneer receiver when receiver does not have a HDMI input

Frank and Diane

Jan 1, 2017
Need to connect LG HD TV to LG Blu-Ray player and Pioneer receiver when receiver does not have a HDMI input. We were able to hook it up and got sound out of the speakers but no video on the TV. Lost and have no idea as to what to do.


Dec 30, 2017

Blu ray players has several output jacks available on rear of player. Coaxial and optical outputs audio only (sometimes referred to as s/pdif. The hdmi outputs both audio and video.

So, your question is how to hook up flat screen and receiver to produce both sound and audio? Hook up the blu-ray player directly to the TV using the hdmi wire in order to play video. Also you will need to run a wire from one of the audio only choices available; coaxial or optical. Audio inputs are available on your receiver, so run digital audio through your receiver. On the menu screen on your flat screen in the audio set up, turn off the internal speakers. Sometimes you have to set up the blu ray player to specify which audio source you want output as well (hdmi vs digital audio out).
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