NeroVision freezes randomly BEFORE encoding!-----


Aug 16, 2004
Hello all. Been fighting this problem for a little while now and it's really starting to just plain piss me off. Nero isin't a cheap program and I'm pissed that mine won't work for some reason. Anyway, from the start..... Install ALL the Nero software. (Nero Burning ROM, NeroVision 3, Nero Photoshow, Nero Mediaplayer, etc.) Open up the burning rom and burn a CD. Perfect. Open up NeroVision and add an .avi file. (a movie) Edit it a little, create chapters and make a menu. Burn it. Plays in my home DVD player perfectly. Oh joy! How I love my new software! Next day. Add another .avi movie..... doesn't load up. Just sits there with the hourglass forever! Task manager says it's not responding and I end task. Try again with a different .avi movie. Same thing. Even load up the first file that worked. Doesn't load. WTF?!!? Then one time out of 20, it loads. I click on edit movie and it freezes again. Damn it! All the other Nero programs work fine. So after fighting with it for a few days. I unistall ALL the Nero software. I also uninstalled all other video editing, encoding, authoring programs I have. Just in case they're conflicting some how. I use Nero's three clean tools they have on their site. Uninstalls the programs, cleans conflicting drivers and registry. Rebooted about 2000 times between all this. Defragged hard drive due to massive un and re installing. Ok good. Clean. Let's try reinstalling Nero again. Install everything. Click add file. File loads up. Sweet. Start editing a little. Good. Click on auto-detect chapters (which I used the first time) and it gets roughly 45% done and freezes. WTF?!!? So I end task and open it right back up. Now it doesn't even load the file anymore. DAMN IT!!! Now I'm pissed. Sorry for the long post guys, but I've been fighting this for awhile and running out of ideas. Help!

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Sapphire ATI 9800PRO


Jan 3, 2005
I had the exact same thing happen to me! I upgraded to the newer version. 6.6 I think and thats when my problems began. I could no longer recode movies from PAL to NTSC. It was really starting to burn me. Finally I completely uninstalled nero, every aspect of it and then went back to version 3.3. I'm still not sure if that was just a bad copy or if the new version really sux. rofl

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