Question NEW ASUS ROG Laptop wont turn on after shutting down?

Mar 19, 2020
The laptop is Asus ROG Zephyrus GU502 and It has a non removable battery. well actually its my girlfriend's laptop. so,, . It was March 14 before it all happened, her brother was using it for gaming until the battery became low and he shut it down then they charged it. And after that it doesnt turn on til this day..

With our country in an enhanced community lockdown for a month. All shops are closed, so they cant go to the services or get it fix in any asus repair shop. So we are stuck in our homes. And in desperation her brother tried to opened it but some of the screws are stripped and the laptop is still new so they were told( by their mom) that they cant do anymore risky things coz it might get the warrranty voided soo. And she is working with her plates in her laptop!!! talk about wrong timing!!! she needed this time to do her plates and school stuff and i only registered in this site because i want to help her :c

We searched all fixes in google these past few days but they also opened the laptop and we cant do that anymore! Any alternative fixes?
She did hold the power button for minutes and nothing works
the laptop lit white color when charging though.

Any help is appreciated in these desperate times!
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