New Cable cutter here


Dec 17, 2013
I recently cut the cable cord. I have an HD Antenna that is a little iffy and not getting all of the channels. Anyhow I would like to get Sunday NIght Football and Monday night football which is streamable through Espn. My TV is internet ready but does not have a web browsing feature, and if worse comes to worse I can plug my mac into the TV but I would rather be able to do it from the TV directly.

Is there some sort of device that will allow me to browse the net so I can stream directly from certain websites? Thanks for the advice!
depending on where you live you may or may not get all of your local channels via antenna. the best chance you are going to get at receiving every channel is to use one of the large outdoor directional antennas which mount up on a mast. due to the distance we are from the broadcasting town even with such an antenna we only receive about half of all channels. such is life....

more times than not the "basic" browsers included on hdtvs, consoles and streaming boxes do not work so well with some of the "players" many sites use for online streaming. unless espn specifically has an app for the device chances are it will not play. i know i've tried to access some websites via a limited browser in the past and came across issues (the player doesnt even load)

roku offers an espn app however it is virtually useless as it requires a paid cable subscription that has espn. so thats a no go.

honestly plugging the mac into the television and using a wireless keyboard (temporarily making it a htpc) is probably your best bet. is there a reason why you don't like this as an option? using a pc with a tv (especially if you have a wireless keyboard) is rather straightforward and easy to do. its also very easy to use netflix and other popular mediums.
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