New HP Probook 450 G2 start-up problem


Nov 23, 2011
This is a brand new notebook.
It worked for a brief period.

I ended up taking out the hard drive to do a clean install of Windows 10, from a different computer.
This is due to the HP having issues installing windows from a bootable USB drive.
The boot menu would freeze every time I plugged the USB in, and un-freeze when I took it out.

Anyway, when I try to boot the notebook up, this is what happens.

Powers on.
Power button light turns on.
Fan winds up to a nice quiet speed.
Makes that quiet power-clink sound laptops make when they power up.
Screen stays black, but with a dim back light that's hard to notice.
Stays on like this for maybe five seconds, then shuts off.
The notebook proceeds to automatically start up again, and repeats.

Over and over.

Have to unplug and remove the battery to get it to stop.

Tried a hard reset.
Tried moving the RAM to a different slot.
Tried different RAM sticks from other laptops.
Tried starting with and without hard drive.

Same result.

If I remove the RAM all together and attempt to to boot, it does the same thing except that it doesn't re-start.
It stays on and the CAPS-lock and NUM-lock lights blink 3 times I think.
Which I believe means there's a memory problem (becasue I removed the RAM).

Could the motherboard and/or CPU really be fried?
From searching the internet this could be an issue.
It seems to odd though, how the heck could the notebook be completely screwed...from taking out the hard drive?
Every working laptop I have ever taken apart still works after I've put it back together.
And this one was never taken apart, all I did was remove the single panel that covers the hard drive and RAM.

Could this be a BIOS issue?

Anyone have any ideas? It's a new notebook...

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