new tv has hdmi and scart. surround sound is scart only. bought a scart to hdmi converter but still cant sound when i try to w


Jan 5, 2018
Need help, totally thick when it comes to tvs.. Got a smart tv with scart and hdmi ports. When watching you tube scart to scart i have no surround sound, but do with normal tv. Thought if i bought a scart to hdmi converter it might work but it doesnt. Not technical minded, but slowly losing the will.. any ideas please


Alabalcho is correct in that SCART only provides 2 channel audio.
Even if you got an adapter, you'd still only have the 2 adapter doesn't create more channels than from the source.
What receiver/amplifier are you using to get surround?
Does it have an option (DSP Effect) to create simulated surround?
When you say you watch Youtube 'SCART to SCART", what device are you using (make/model) ?
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