Nikon D50 or Canon 350D?


May 4, 2004

Interested in photography, i bought my first SLR (a Nikon F55)

and got to know a bit more about SLR photography. Next i decided to

move on to digital SLR's and as a newcomer in this field i am troubled

between the two rivals, D50 and 350D.

Surely the Canon processes 8 megapixel and Nikon 6, plus Canon

is smaller and lighter than the Nikon, but the Nikon feels better in my

hands. Plus i found its menus more user friendly than the Canon's and

have read/heard that the Nikon provides equal results as the Canon,

plus its cheaper and for me the right size to work with.

Anyone who knows more on D SLR's to write me an opinion on those two?
They are both quality cameras and im sure i wont regret buying any of those, but surely one must know better on how these things work.



Jun 22, 2006
I have shot and tried both the D50 and the 350xt. The D50 is a great camera yield good results out of the camera, 6mp ccd has good quality. Only things I disliked about the D50 is that the pictures seemed to be a bit aggresive, colors didn't look natural just too overexposed. I prefered the more neutral and more natural looking pictures of the 350xt, the noise on the xt is better above iso 800. One thing I hate about the 350xt is the feel of it, a bit cheap and controls are decent not great. I know MP don't mean much but i feel like it's 2006 and I find that 6mp is not adequate, sure it's plenty but it's a bit sad when your friend next to you has a point and shoot and wips out a 8-10mp compact it also lacks mirror lockup. My boss just bought a nikon D200 and that's what I call a camera but it's a bit beyond budget. If you are looking pricewise the D50 and the 350xt cost similar, the 350xt can be found for $674 kit after $100 Mail in rebate. From the way you speak it sounds like you like the D50, if thats what you can affort i would go for that, personally if I could affort to I would stretch budget to a 20D (getting cheaper) or 30D. Good luck and tell me what you decided on. By the way they sell a battery grip for the 350xt wich makes it a bit more comfortable.
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