No power Asus laptop model K55A


Jun 19, 2014
To sum it up the laptop doesn't turn on nor does the charging light turns on when the charger is plugged in.

Yes, i did read the "Troubleshooting Power Issues with Your Laptop" and no success

It gets a bit complicated from here (I apologize for any typos or bad english/grammar)

More details: The laptop was working perfectly fine until the laptop's charger died and prevented the laptop from receiving a charge for about 4 days. (I don't know if that has to do anything I included that piece of information anyway)

When we did receive the charger the laptop did turn on and the charging light/led did indicate that a power source was plugged in.(Generic charger but I highly doubt that the issue the charger it did have an indication light and it did turn on when plugged into the outlet) Then this is the part where the laptop acts strangely; When we press the on button the laptop did turn on but would turn off in about 3-10 seconds it never got far enough to boot completely into windows. In one of those times it was able to boot I went into bios and it did recognize the boot drive.

At this point the laptop is acting strange and won't stay on for anymore than 3-10 seconds, so we then proceeded to troubleshoot.

We took the battery out for a couple of hours then inserted it back into the laptop and connected the charger. The laptop charging indicator did light up and we let it charge for a few hours and it still turned off within a few seconds.

After awhile it doesn't even turn on or show the charging light when connected to the outlet.

I inspected the charging port it seems to have a little corrosion (greenish?)

This is one of my family members laptop and I did ask multiple times if they got water in the laptop and he did not. He has no reason to lie so no blatant water damage happened but still can be a possibility.

At this point no power, no indication of the laptop charging, and yes the charger did seem to work.

I'm not experienced in board repairs the most I ever done was replace an LCD but my assumption is a board issue or the charging port. I do have a multimeter so maybe someone that experienced in board repairs can help me locate the issue that would be great.

Also I'm pretty sure the CPU fan is very dusty I don't know if that contributed to these issues or is the main issue.

ANY INPUT IS APPRECIATED I rather not replace his laptop but we are both due a upgrade but we currently do need our devices to work for just a bit longer.

To whomever read this completely that also provided input I greatly appreciate your time and help
Thank you.