Nokia bh-905i mic not working with voip adapter


May 20, 2011
I cant get the microphone to work while being hooked up(with a wire) with the voip adapter to my computer. I can get it to work with bluetoooth over voip(so its not because the microphone doesn't work), with the handsfree/headset audio profile, but that sounds absolutely horrible.

1. I have tried with two different computers through 4different programs, and the result is all the same.

2. I have tried with both the wires(the ones connecting from the headset to the adapter) and the result is the same, so I doubt its the wires.

3. I have tried with a different headset on both the aforementioned computers, and it works perfectly, so its not the computers fault either.

4. I can hear sound just fine through the voip adapter, but I get nothing but static sound when trying to use the mic(recording what im saying etc).

I really like the headset, so I hope someone can help me before I am forced to simply return it.