Notebook not powering / power supply problem? Asus G72GX

Apr 12, 2018
Hello everyone. I have an Asus G72GX and sometimes Ieave it on during the night for downloads and updates. Recently I woke up and found the notebook powered off. I tried powering it on but no good. I noticed that the led on the ac adapter was off so I checked the outlet connection and even tested other equipments and they worked fine.
After some testing, I discovered that if I connect the power supply to the outlet the led turns on, witch means there is power or its working (supposedly). The moment I connect the adapter to the notebook the led goes off and I cant turn the laptop on..
Any ideas what might be the problem? Could it be a some short circuit in the adapter or the problem might be on the notebook?
Thanks for the insights!
Hi, the problem could be the adapter or the laptop, the only way to be sure is to try a good adapter with the same specifications, this way you know if your adapter is good.