Nvidia card stuttering across all games, videos, and scrolling

Sep 26, 2018
Want to ressurect this old thread -

Essentially, I turned on my computer yesterday and out of the blue I'm getting stuttering problems on everything I do. They appear to be happening about once every second,I've uploaded a gif of the problem https://i.imgur.com/cRBZ9I9.gifv. I'm scrolling at a consistent speed throughout the whole gif, but as you can see, it skips down on the page about once a second.

Things I've tried:

  • Updating my nvidia drivers
    disabling hardware acceleration on chrome
    disabling global v-sync
    disabling "Shader Caching" in nvidia control panel
I know it's not overheating issue as it happens with just the browser and not gaming. My MSI afterburner tells me i'm running at about 15% of processor capacity and way below on all temps.

Specs: i5 6600k, ASUS 1070, 16gb ram
Oct 5, 2018
I have the exact same specs and I suffer from the same issue. No idea what causes it. Been like that for a year and a half. Tried formatting twice with clean install and new drivers across the whole board. Do you know its the video card's fault?