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Ok, I've got this really weird thingie going on on my pc. (os[Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)] cpu[1-AMD Athlon K7, 734MHz, 512KB] mem[Usage: 181/640MB (28.28%)] gfx[GeForce 2 GTS 32mb DDR, Detonator v12.40] mobo Asus K7V, 4-in-1 drivers installed version 4.37...
It seems that when I try to install a new version of the detonator XP drivers (eg 2*.**) my system freezes very fast after the boot proces (@735mhz) or a little later (@700mhz, the normal speed). The ones I use right now 12.40 work for me but I expect better results from my system with these new drivers. Anyone knows what the problem could be? (ps: i heard from a few other guys that they had problems with the latest official drivers from nvidia, they all seem to work with an older mobo (aged over 1 year).
Thanks in advance :)

why is intel even trying?


Dec 31, 2007
Try a beta 2x.xx driver set, and see if the problem happens again. The official 23.11's tend to cause a few problems in WinXP, like the infinite loop bug.

You can get them <A HREF="http://www.3dchipset.com/drivers/beta/nvidia/series2xx.shtml" target="_new">here</A> & <A HREF="http://www.fileconnect.net/files.php?directory=Video/nVidia/" target="_new">here</A>.

I'd recommend that you start off trying the 21.83's at the-cad.com. Put them in an empty folder by right-clicking and dragging the installation file to the folder, and choosing to extract from the right-click menu. Then manually upgrade the video card drivers in the Device Manager, under Properties for the GF2 card, and browsing to the folder where you extracted the files. Don't use the setup.exe in the installation file by double-clicking ... it can cause major problems.

You'll need a more advanced driver set than the one that comes with WinXP, or you'll run into difficulty playing OpenGL games.

Note: Beta drivers aren't signed, so ignore it when the OS complains about this. If the drivers you choose don't work, remove them with Add/Remove programs and try another set. And be prepared to downgrade to the 4.36 VIA drivers if necessary ... there appear to be some problems with the 4.37's, but since I'm not running a VIA board, I can't tell you how much of that is hearsay, or actual fact. Perhaps someone else will post here and add some information on the subject? I'd like to know more about this one, myself.


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TNX a bunch, I'll start over with the 4.36's! I really appreciate that you took the time to explain all this (I did know how to install and stuff, but the links are GREAT).
I'll let you guys know what happens :)

why is intel even trying?


OK i reinstalled win2k and after a few freezes with the 12.** and the 21.** i tried the latest from nvidia.com and they work fine.

why is intel even trying?
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