Oh the irony! My new rig can't sign into Tom's Hardware!

Jul 16, 2013
Hey guys,

First off, I wanted to thank all of you for the help you gave me when building my first rig, you all made it much less scary.

However, now my new rig can't log into Tom's Hardware! It does email and everything else just fine, but for some reason after I type in my username and password, it just won't go anywhere. I press enter, I click the "sign in" button, and it doesn't respond at all. This is the only website that gives me this problem.
I know that I am typing everything in correctly, because when I intentionally type it in differently it turns red and says "incorrect username or password".

Any help with this will be appreciated :)
I don't know what browser you are using but I am having the same problem with Internet Explorer 10. After I enter the username and password and wait a couple of seconds I hit the refresh button and I'm logged in. I have not tried it in Chrome yet to see if the problem is duplicated with Chrome.