Solved! Omen 17" not turning on at all

Jan 2, 2019
Hello everyone ! I have an Omen 17" (2016 Model) and all of a sudden while trying to turn it on it doesn't turn on at all. The charger indicator lamp is off as well and wont turn on either. What I tried replacing the charger with its replacement charger and still no indicator lamp turning on and nor is the laptop. I opened up the laptop cleaned it up and still not working however I did realize something that might be hinting at the problem : When I opened up the laptop and connected the power supply a component named "2R2622P5J" gets super hot I attached below the pic of the component in referring to on the motherboard.


Any idea what could be the problem?
Seems like you might have a faulty motherboard. The surface mounted capacitor/VRM heating up indicates that the power is being fed to the laptop. If the laptop's battery doesn't charge up nor powers up, then it's the motherboard.