OTA HDTV Booster?


Nov 22, 2012
Hi, I hope this is the correct forum. I dropped DirecTV this past June after being a customer since the early 1990's. I am now using a ClearStream 2 OTA HDTV. I have a long run of cable from the antenna to the TV. It is approximately 70' from the antenna to the a/v distribution box in the garage, and then it is another 40 - 50' feet to the TV. Additionally, I would like to add a 2nd TV to this antenna feed. Currently, I turn the TV on and have to wait for the signal to show up at the TV. The "freeze-frame" action of the TV signal occurs mostly right after turning on the TV....I compare it to the TV signal having to buffer, or fill up the cable, before it plays smoothly. So, what would be a good booster to use? Also, the 2nd TV to get the signal is not really a TV but a Epson front projector hanging from the theater room ceiling so what would be a good TV tuner to get to add to the a/v rack? And, it would be nice to have Pandora radio to play thru the a/v system so shoudl I forget a dedicated TV tuner and go with a PC of some kind with a TV tuner appliation?

Anyway, the biggest question here is what booster to use? I have a direct sight of the towers and they are less than 3 miles away as the crow flies, directly east & above the antenna without any obstructions...the towers are at 10,000 feet elevation and I am at 7,000 feet elevation. Thanks for the help.
Since you are close to the transmitter you probably don't need a signal booster but a distribution amp. Wineguard would work well.
You need to place it as close to the antenna as you can and use high quality splitters. If you have RG59 coax RF cable it would be an upgrade to go to RG6 or RG11
Not many choices for HD DTV tuners. You could try this one.
or a TIVO so you can record programs and time shift.
Having to boot a PC and turn on the TV just for Pandora makes it a bit of a pain so I would suggest using an AV receiver with Airplay so you can wirelessly stream it from an iPhone or iTouch, some AV receivers have Pandora, and the best way to access it might be Sonos. Great control, multi-room capability and fantastic control interface. Also plays many other online services, internet radio and all your music files.