Question Panasonic Plasma No Sound

May 2, 2019
Got this 10 yr plasma, picture displays fine, no sound. It was set up with surround sound in store but haven't been able to get internal volume on with out surround speakers at all.
Any idea how to fix, bought a sound bar but doesn't work with any connections. Believe this tv is abt 10 yrs old
Check the TV menu to see if you have to turn on the TV audio output. Try the headphone jack if the TV has one.
You can usually download a copy of the TV owners manual if you google for it.
When you heard it in the store was the source connected to the TV or to the surround sound?
Some plasma TVs didn't have built in speakers. If there are speaker terminals on the back that might be the case with yours.
You may need to send audio directly from your sources to the soundbar. An HDMI input selector with audio extraction would work for any external sources but not from the built in OVA tuner if the TV has one.