Panasonic SC-HTB688GNK Soundbar connected to a Panasonic TH-55EX600Z - Why wont my audio work?


Oct 1, 2017
Hey Awesome people!

I have the Panasonic SC-HTC688GNK soundbar, connected to my Panasonic TH-55EX600z TV through HDMI/ARC but my audio doesn't work.

I can connect to the soundbar with Bluetooth and my phone - so I know the soundbar works.
When the TV is turned on, the Soundbar turns its self on - as expected.
When I change the voluble using the TV, the soundbar (LEDs) changes - as expected.

I have looked through the settings on the TV but I haven't found anything that works.

Do you have any ideas that might help me?

Thank you in advance!
The soundbar has to be connected to the one HDMI-ARC input.
ARC has to be turned on in the TV menu. You may have to turn off the TV speakers and change the audio output type in the TV menu as well.