Solved! Panasonic TV doesn't want to turn On,and can't work on standby

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May 16, 2019
Hello everybody,

I just joined forum because I need help with my TV.
I have 8 years old Panasonic Plasma TV that stopped working yesterday.
First I couldn't turn it off with remote,so I press power button on TV itself and then it turn off.
Now,I tried to turn it On with same button on TV,but all I get is green flickering that lasts for 2 seconds and then turns off.
It won't even work on Standby since red light don't glow.
Also,I tried to hold power button on remote while green light flicker (while turning it on TV button) and it stayed green until I turn it Off on TV itself (no remote).
In both cases,there is no picture or sound.
Please help me if you know what could cause this problem.

disconnect the power cable, wait for about 2minutes, press the power button on the TV and release it, reconnect power cable again and try
Not open for further replies.