Permanent fix for wifi authentication errors on Android.

Aug 30, 2018

I know this question has been asked before but I could not find a good solution and it is becomming very irritating.

Why do I get wifi authentications errors seemingly at random? The tablets connects for days and suddenly I get the wifi autication problem.

I have managed to reconnect some times by turning on airplane mode and off again. But often enough this does not work. And only solution I know is to reboot te tablet after which it connects to the same access point without any problems. Until of course it decides to fail again.

It is not because of a bad password. It is not the router/access point(s). All other devices work fine. It has something to do with android 7.

My android 4.4 phone never had this problem (or all other old devices for that matter). When my asus zenpad m301 was running android 6 there was not problem either. The iphones have no problem nor do our laptops or ipcams.

I also have an obscure little tablet with android 7 which I bought on vacation that has the same problem. (but I does not happen that much) Only a reboot fixes it for a while.

I put the blame on something in Android 7. Specially since I know the asus used to work fine on an older version of android.

One more thing: this does not just happens at home but also at other locations.

There must be some one out there (maybe an android engineer?) that has an explanation for this weird and anoying behaviour and maybe a permanent solution so it never happens again.


Authentication is actually referring to the password used for a specific WiFi.

Hare you tried completely forgetting the WiFi info on the tablet, restarting the tablet (turn it off and back on) and then reinserting the WiFi info? That should resolve it.

Unless it has something to do with your particular device's hardware. Which that a tech would need to look at or if it is the OS needing updating (which can be needed to fix a flaw) or even downgraded, which would require a hard reset of the device.

BTW, while "Authentication Error" is common, most are just having password issues. Not anything hardware or software related. So yours may well be less common.
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