Pioneer DVL-700. Disc tray won't eject..


Sep 8, 2010
So I got this DVL-700 LD/DVD player. The DVD player tray will open, but the LD will not eject, without a good tap (I'll get to that in a minute). When I press the eject button, it starts moving around like it is preparing, then you hear this very loud grinding noise, like something is stuck... but I've taken it apart and I still couldn't quite see exactly what it was that was making the noise. But I pin-pointed the general location.

But... I took off this back plate, and when I kind of hit this part while it's trying to eject, it will suddenly fix it. But I'd rather not do that every time I need to use it.

I took a picture of the back where I have to hit to get it to perform the eject. Right around where that red marking is. This is also where the noise is coming from.

See image here:

So anyone know what I can do about this?

Thanks in advance.
a lot of times all the moving parts need to be cleaned and lubed, and the belts need to be replaced.
The old lubrication dries out and accumulates dirt, which eventually stops the moving parts from moving correctly. The old lube should be cleaned off first, before using new grease and oil.