Pioneer receiver HDMI-connection issue

Feb 16, 2018
I decided to give this issue last chance here before I throw the receiver out. I've spent hours searching forums and trying to solve the matter myself, but now I've reached deadend.

So! I have Pioneer VSX-323 receiver, which has two HDMI-cables coming from cablebox and xbox one, then one leaving to Benq W1070 projector. This setting has been working fine for 4 years, until it was not being used for 3 weeks when I had to order new lamp for the projector.

The problem: I connect everything like before, but I can't see or hear anything. Projector show it's "No signal"-message and there's no sound coming from the set of speakers. There's this "HDMI"-text flashing on the receivers panel, and there seems to be a lot of possible reasons for that. I've tried different cables, different hdmi-ports, hard reset, soft reset you name it. When I connect my xbox straight to the projector without the receiver, it works fine. And when I connect my xbox or cablebox to my spare-TV through the receiver, it won't work either. So the problem has to be the receiver?

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really can't figure out what to try next. Is there something in receivers setting that could cause this? Shouldn't the hard reset clear those? Could it have something to do with resolutions?

I don't know what else to say.. if you need more info, I'm more than happy to provide. Thank you!

It does sound like the Pioneer receiver has an HDMI switching problem. That's not unusual.
Assuming that it's out of warranty the cost of repairing the HDMI board is prohibitive.
You could get an HDMI input selector with audio extraction. Connect your sources to it with HDMI. The HDMI out goes to the projector and the digital audio out to the receiver. You won't get lossless audio like Dolby TrueHD but will work fine with Dolby Digital and DTS.
Mar 3, 2019

I’ve got exact same issue with a Pioneer VSX-922 A/V receiver to my BenQ W1070.

The bulb blew out a couple of weeks ago. I ordered a compatible replacement bulb and also took the thing completely apart to clear out the dust & glass so all the fans worked ok. I also removed the speaker from the projector just cos all is does is beep.

The projector works fine on its own, but shows ‘No signal’ when plugged up to the HDMi output from the Receiver and any input into - Apple TV, PS4 ...
I’ve done hard reset, and it does / did occasionally work, change the source and then nothing again, no signal. Also replaced the 10m HDMI cable between The Pioneer & BenQ projector.

So I think... it’s the Pioneer? But big coincidence with the bulb change! Also don’t have a spare TV to test with
Did you resolve this?
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