Plugging in old gaming consoles to new smart TV


Mar 16, 2015
Hi there - I just bought a new Sony Bravia with 4 HDMI ports and 2 sets of component inputs... and then realized that despite having so many inputs, none of these formats are compatible with my vintage NES, which has a Coa-ax connection. My TV does not have a co-ax cable input.

Is there a convertor that will connect my NES co-ax to my smart TV? Or if I plug it into the cable box (which has component or HDMI outputs) is there a specific kind of splitter I need to use to have NES input + wall cable input?

Unless your new TV is a monitor it should have an antenna input that you can connect the NES. You will have to select analog or NTSC tuner and run a scan with the NES booted up so the TV will add channel 3 or 4 to its list of channels.
If it doesn't have a tuner then the cheapest way is to use an old VCR set to the channel selected for output of the NES. That will have composite video and audio outs. The tape mechanism does not have to be operational for this to work. Any analog RF tuner will work too but a VCR is more common and pretty cheap used.


Nov 21, 2015
agreed with americanaudiophile, the tv should have a ant-in on the back. if it does not, you can purchase a small cheap converter box that normally would connect an old antenna module. prretty easy!
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