Preventing speaker audio from being captured by the microphone.


Jul 17, 2011
Hi there...

Lately I have been making lots of skype calls that involve the use of my speakers.The problem is that a certain amount of the audio that comes through my speakers gets picked up by my mic and then send to the other person then something else happens and eventually you end up having awful audio quality both for me and the other person.
The only thing I do about this right now is to simply put my speakers further away from my mic so less audio gets picked up.

So I am wondering if there is anyway to "exclude" the audio coming out of my speakers from getting picked up by the microphone.

Thanks for any responses in advance.


There is no easy way to do this.
Professionally you would use two identical balanced microphones pointing in opposite directions and wired out of phase with each other to cancel out the sound from the speakers.
What you could do that would make some difference would be to get a good quality cardiod response microphone as these do not pick up noise from the rear.


One way to pick up less rear noise is to have the mic very close to your mouth,this could be achieved by using a headset mic with only the mic connection plugged in and the headphone speakers behind your ears.
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