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Hey all,

I'm having one heck of a time with DVD ripping, as it has been awhile since I have done it. To be honest, ripping and compressing a Blu-Ray is easier! Anyways, I've tried just about anything under the sun to simply rip a standard DVD in my collection without any copyright protection (or so AnyDVD tells me) and I either get strange errors with the programs I have been using or the ones that I have gotten to work, really aren't up to par in terms of being able to detect the correct audio streams and setting the video quality.

When I used to rip DVD's, I would use DVD shrink and simply burn them onto a blank discs without any issue. But it seems to be a royal pain to find a decent program that will do everything in one step.

Can someone recommend a program (paid or unpaid) that can do the job in one step? Essentially, I am looking for something that will rip the DVD to my HDD and at the same time, output in a format like AVI or MPEG in a compressed fashion. I could deal with 1GB to 5GB, as I have plenty of space. Maybe something Xvid oriented?

As always, thanks for the assistance.


Apr 14, 2002
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